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The Examined Run
I have a monthly column at called “The Examined Run,” where I write about character education in the context of sports. My articles have also appeared at Women’s Running Magazine and Prime Matters.

– Mario Fraioli’s The Morning Shakeout – Sabrina Little – Sabrina Little – The Vices of Ultrarunning Fandom, The Singletrack Podcast – The Pain Cave Podcast, Sabrina Little: Twenty Questions, The Rambling Runner podcast – “Philosophy and Running” – Ten Junk Miles Podcast – Sabrina Little – Off the Couch Podcast – Sabrina Little on Running and Teaching Philosophy and Writing about Both – Denver Faith & Work podcast – Sabrina Little – Run to the Top Podcast – Sabrina Little and The Virtue of Accountability – FreeTrail – Navigating the Changing Landscape in Trail Running – Spirituality and Ultra – Trails CollectiveWomen of Distance – Sabrina Little – I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein – Sabrina Little 5x National Champion – Becoming Ultra Podcast – Sabrina Little – Running for Real Podcast – Sabrina Little and Sara Mahoney Run Hard Mom Hard – “Sabrina Little on the Intersections of Philosophy, Running, and New Motherhood” – Bid Me Run Podcast – character education and running interview
– The Ultimist Podcast – “Sabrina Little on Admiration and Moral Exemplars”
– Marathon Investigator Podcast – “Sabrina Little – Elite Runner and Ethicist” – For the Long Run Podcast – “Sabrina Little – Exploring the Why” – Tortoise & The Hare “Sabrina Little – Rocky Raccoon Preview
– Pieces of Grit Podcast – “Making Excellence a Habit with Sabrina Little”
– Ultrarunner Podcast – “Overcoming Injuries and Learning Lessons”
– Ultrarunner Podcast – “Sabrina Moran, Ultrarunner”

– Sabrina Little – The Vices of Ultrarunning Fandom – Sabrina Little on Character and Sports – FreeTrail – Navigating the Changing Landscape in Running – Virtue Ethics and Running – Camp Video – Spirituality in Ultra – The Trails Collective – HOKA Carbon X Athlete Interview
– The Fellows Initiative National Conference Talk – “Running and Education as Vocation”
– Humans of HOKA commercial
– pre-Lake Sonoma Interview
– post-Carbon X 100K Interview
– I am currently featured in a documentary entitled Just One Step.

– Cover story for Running Times, August 2013, an article entitled “Presence of Mind.”
Cover of Ultrarunning Magazine, April 2016. – New York Times“A Race without a Finish Line”New York Times“A Challenge Shakes up the Running Routine,” 2018
– Baylor graduate school blogpost
– Waco Tribune, “Live Oak Teacher Waco’s Ultimate Distance Runner”
Yale Daily News article
Endurance Buzz interview

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